YON-KA Professional Mesonuim 2 Fluide Revitalisant – Revivalizing Fluid With Rice Oils. 20 amp. x 2 ml.


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Nourishes – Regulates – Stimulates


Reduces wrinkles and fine lines. This is a skin regeneration program with 100% natural herbal ingredients and provides 24 moisturizing and skin-restoring amino acids, 5 stimulating essential oils, anti-free radicals and anti-dehydration vitamins (E and F) as well as skin-compensating mineral salts.


Reverses the signs of photoaging and effaces dull rough texture.
• The complexion is richly nurtured and miraculously brough back to life.
• Desensitizes and heals even the most delicate and driest of complexions.
A wealth of anti-oxidant, cellular refurbishing vegetals.
• An ageless remedy of restructuring Provencal aromatic essences.
• Dramatically harnesses skin’s youthfulness with serious smoothing.
• Scientific enzymatic action provides maximum results weeks after initial application.


For all ages and for all kinds of damaged skin, dry or oily skin.



  • After prolonged fatigue
  • Before and after operating cosmetic programs
  • During a cosmetic program after acne treatment to regenerate the epidermis and prevent the formation of scars



Regeneration and hydration: soy, beech buds, rich in amino acids

Regeneration and stimulation: patented quintessence of Yon-Ka

Regeneration: Cabagaine

Balancing and remineralization: Mineral salts

Soothing and Softening: Vit. B5 and Vit. PP



As an intensive rejuvenating cosmetic therapy for people over 30 years of age, to prevent the formation or reduction of wrinkles and fine lines already existent, and to enhance the vitality of the skin


Take this intense therapy every new season.


For professional use

For massage:

Apply a MÉSONIUM 2 ampoule to the face, neckline and neck with vigorous massage movements. Mix MÉSONIUM 1 with a suitable Yon-ka cream. Apply on face, neck and décolleté and massage.


Shake the ampoules well before use.


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